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Welcome to ERNDIM Web submission application

The ERNDIM Web submission application allows survey results and reports to be entered and viewed online. It is accessible from any Internet connection and browser. It is a way to improve communication between laboratories, ERNDIM and the CSCQ. It does not involve any additional charge.

Before using the Web submission application, you must be registered with the Quality Control Center Switzerland.

If not registered, please contact the CSCQ (cscq@hcuge.ch).

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Access to the application is strictly controlled through a user name and a password as well as the use of a secure communication protocol between the laboratory workstation and the CSCQ.

Results can be easily entered through a user-friendly menu-driven interface. Menus are customized for each laboratory, i.e. they are specific to the surveys in which a given laboratory is enrolled. A consistency check is performed before the data is saved in the CSCQ database in order to minimize typing mistakes.

Results can then either be viewed online, printed out or imported onto the user's computer.

After the survey closing date, reports are also accessible online. They can be printed out or downloaded onto the user’s computer.

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